India Cricketer Mukesh Kumar's Wedding Celebration, Dances to ‘Lollypop Lagelu’

In a heartwarming celebration of love and joy, Indian cricketer Mukesh Kumar recently tied the knot with his bride, Divya Singh. Taking a brief pause from the cricket field, the star bowler embraced an intimate ceremony, sharing moments of sheer happiness with family and friends. Now, let’s delve into the details of this joyous occasion.

India Cricketer Mukesh Kumar's Wedding Celebration, Dances to ‘Lollypop Lagelu’

Mukesh Kumar’s Wedding Extravaganza

Mukesh Kumar’s wedding, held in the serene city of Gorakhpur, unfolded as nothing short of a spectacle. The cricketer and his bride, both natives of Baniyapur in Saran, immersed themselves in cultural festivities. They showcased their dance moves to the beats of the popular Bhojpuri song ‘Lollypop Lagelu,’ with the internet abuzz with viral photos and videos capturing the couple’s beautiful moments.

The Dance of Love

During the haldi ceremony, Mukesh, adorned in traditional sherwani attire, swayed to the rhythm, emphasizing that celebrations are an integral part of life. The bride, equally enthusiastic, graced the occasion with her dance, creating memories destined to last a lifetime.

Reception and Future Plans

As the celebrations unfold, the couple plans to host a grand reception on December 4, marking the conclusion of the ongoing five-match home T20I series against Australia. Mukesh, temporarily absent from the 3rd T20I for his wedding, is set to make a triumphant return for the 4th T20I.


Amidst the competitive spirit of the cricketing world, Mukesh Kumar’s wedding serves as a delightful reminder of life’s precious moments. The fusion of love, tradition, and dance encapsulates the essence of this celebration, leaving fans and well-wishers eager to witness the upcoming reception and the cricketer’s return to the field.

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Q. Why was the 3rd T20I between India and Australia skipped by Mukesh Kumar?

Ans:- Mukesh Kumar chose to skip the 3rd T20I to partake in his wedding ceremony with Divya Singh in Gorakhpur.

Q. Where does Mukesh Kumar’s wife, Divya Singh, hail from?

Ans:- Divya Singh is from Baniyapur in Saran, as reported by Jagran.

Q. When can we expect Mukesh Kumar to return to the cricket field post his wedding?

Ans:- Mukesh Kumar is scheduled to make his return for the 4th T20I, rejoining the Indian squad for the ongoing series against Australia.