IND vs AUS 4th T20: Shreyas Iyer's inclusion will make a big impact

As the IND vs AUS 4th T20 approaches, the designated vice-captain, Shreyas Iyer, is gearing up for a comeback, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing five-match series. Young leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi, in an exclusive interview, shares his thoughts on the potential game-changing impact of Iyer’s inclusion.

Shreyas amassed 530 runs in 11 matches of the recent ODI World Cup.

Bishnoi’s Bowling Brilliance: Key to India’s Dominance

In the series, emerging leg-spinner Bishnoi attributes his success to the empowering leadership of captain Suryakumar Yadav, who allows bowlers a “free hand.” Bishnoi emphasizes the critical role of execution and the unique opportunity young players have in the absence of senior counterparts.

IND vs AUS 4th T20: Shreyas Iyer's inclusion will make a big impact

Tackling Dew Challenges: Bishnoi’s Strategic Approach

With dew posing a challenge in recent games, especially in crucial moments, Bishnoi sheds light on his preparation strategy. He underscores the importance of adapting to tricky conditions and expresses his commitment to contributing significantly to India’s potential series victory.


Approaching the decisive clash between India and Australia in the 4th T20, the return of Shreyas Iyer amplifies the excitement surrounding the series. Ravi Bishnoi’s perspective not only highlights the expected impact of Iyer but also underscores the vital role young bowlers play in shaping the outcome. As the teams prepare for the encounter, all eyes are on the unfolding drama, anticipating potential turning points in this enthralling cricket saga.

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Q. Why did Shreyas Iyer miss the first three matches?

Ans: Shreyas Iyer strategically sat out the initial three matches, aiming for peak performance and recovery, reserving his exceptional skills for the later part of the series.

Q. What does Suryakumar Yadav’s leadership contribute to Bishnoi’s success?

Ans: Ravi Bishnoi attributes his successful series performance to Captain Suryakumar Yadav’s empowering leadership style, which grants bowlers the freedom to execute their plans effectively.

Q. How are Indian players adapting to challenging dew conditions?

Ans: Facing dew challenges in recent games, players, including Bishnoi, emphasize adapting to conditions by practicing with wet balls, ensuring focused execution in crucial moments for a competitive edge.